Podcasting is the new blogging

An Akimbo Workshop with Alex DiPalma

Not as a way to make big dollars (blogging didn’t do that either). But as a way to share your ideas, to lead your community, to earn trust.

Podcasting is a proven technology that is still in its infancy. It’s an open mic, a chance for people with something to say to find a few people (or perhaps more than a few people) who’d like to hear them say it.

And podcasting is the generous act of showing up, earning trust and authority because you care enough to raise your hand and speak up.

Seth Godin and Alex DiPalma ran The Podcast Fellowship twice in 2018. We were thrilled at the results. Here’s what our latest batch of students had to say about TPF:

Nearly 1000 people have completed the first two sessions of The Podcast Fellowship, and the creativity was electric. People from all over the world, from 18 years old to 60, learned how to create a podcast they could be proud of. They didn’t just learn. They did it.

Learning the technology is the easy part. It’s the peer support, the community and the bias for shipping that really matter.

So many people have asked us to repeat the fellowship, we’re going to run it one more time.

Seth has said before that his decision to blog is one of the best he’s ever made for his career, for the work he does, and most of all, for his continued posture of teaching and leaping. If you’ve considered that this might be your moment to leap into this still-new medium, we hope you’ll consider investing in The Podcast Fellowship and joining Alex, her coaches and Seth in this 35 day journey together.

In all of my years of schooling, I did not experience such joy in learning as I did in TPF. I was safe — no, encouraged — to be wrong. My colleagues brought out the best in me. I made something I’m proud of. I’m unstoppable and energized. Thank you.

You can make
a podcast you are proud of

The Podcast Fellowship will teach you, inspire you and connect you to peers who will help you bring your work to fruition. In as little as 20 minutes to an hour each day, you can learn to make a podcast.

With podcast episodes, videos, personalized exercises and discussion from Seth and Alex, TPF provides the tools and resources you need to take the leap and create your own podcast.


  • 35 daily audio lessons directly from Seth and Alex
  • Live Q&A sessions with Alex and the TPF coaching team
  • 24/7 discussion board for personal feedback
  • Peer network for discussion and team learning
  • Long term access—we’ll keep everything up for three months after TPF ends
  • Access on mobile and desktop

The Podcast Fellowship has simply changed my life. Alexandra DiPalma and Seth Godin are the most generous mentors anyone could hope for and the cohort is beyond supportive. I have always been skeptical of online courses and have found them difficult to commit to. However, I not only committed to TPF but found myself flourishing through the course. After years of fighting resistance and hesitation, TPF gave me the tools and permission to create my own work and believe in my own voice. I cannot recommend TPF enough.

The Program

You're not alone

The Fellowship has dedicated coaches, who will help focus your energy on building your skills. There's no 1:1 time with Seth or Alex (although we encourage you to ask us questions directly!)… even better, there's the dynamic of interacting with others on the same journey, an ongoing discussion among people who are seeking to make change happen by telling stories that resonate.

The best time to begin is right now.

I’ve been blogging weekly for 6 years. When I decided to do TPF, I needed a roadmap and a supportive community. I’m an education cynic. TPF is the best kind of adult education. It was perfect. It’s amazing that the roadmap works for total novices. I learned as much from my fellow podcasters as I did from Seth, Alex and the coaches. If you’re considering the fellowship: DO IT.

Who is it for?

TPF is for anyone who seeks to improve communication skills, develop a new creative outlet, share stories, and make change happen. Graduates include entrepreneurs, freelancers, artists, non-profit teachers, business-people, and writers.

The Fellowship serves everyone from freelancers to CEOs, from non-profit fundraisers to political organizers. It's not designed for a specific role or title. It's designed for people who want to show up, raise their hand and speak up. Is that you?

What if I fall behind?

There is no such thing as falling behind in TPF. The course is designed so that you can participate daily, but you don’t have to be there every day. Each weekday, we publish a lesson. But if you prefer to go at your own pace, that’s completely fine too. The TPF forum is open for a full two months after the final day of the course. That’s a total of about 100 days.

Because the conversations are ongoing, it's easy to go at your own pace. The time you invest in TPF will be repaid by the feedback you give and get from others—and there's no pressure to engage every day. Our hope is that as you discover the power of this shared learning experience, it will be easier to find the time.

Does it work?

When does it begin?

The fourth round of TPF begins on August 12th. Sign up for our mailing list to be notified immediately when we announce.

How much does TPF cost?

The full price of the course is $435. That means it costs about $12 a day, and there’s an early bird discount if you hurry.

Are you ready to start your podcast?

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